Mutual Friends at Present Company

OPENING RECEPTION Friday May 11, 6pm-12am

Several months ago Present Company used an algorithm to point to the combined mutual Facebook friends of its three principals. Everyone on that list received a letter, on business letterhead, informing their participation in a show they did not know existed. Similarly, social media attempts to create a personalized simulation of content creation. Its use and activity can be traced and routed, but to what end? Context creation could be justified as a means to superimpose these virtual norms back into a fixed time and place through visual and spatial relationships. To the point where friendship is mutable enough to inform, if not author, new artworks, projects, performances, events, and writings.

FEATURING Yasmeen Al Awadi, Eric W. Araujo, Adele Balderston, Brian Bell, Lisa Blatt, Allison Chess, Colby Claycomb, Nick Corey, Kathryn Cornelius, Jean-Michel Crapanzano, Daily Situations, Drawings by Brian Brooks/Thought by Erin Sickler, Ellie Dicola, Linn Edwards, Jason Eisner, Maria Elvira Dieppa, Thom Flynn, Jennifer Esther Garcia (We-Are-Familia), Ryan Hackett, Heng-Gil Han, Felicity Hogan, Takashi Horisaki, Katarina Jerinic, David O. Johnson, Scott Kiernan, Freek Lomme, Isabel Manalo, Patrick McDonough, Jayme McLellan & Carole Wagner Greenwood, Rafael Theodore Melendez, Naomi Miller, Irvin Morazan, Joey Piziali, Edwin Ramoran, Patrick Resing, Jorge Rojas, David Sanchez Burr, Jen Schwarting, Stoff Smulson, Danniel Swatosh presents Przemek Godycki, Champneys Taylor, Trish Tillman, Karin van Pinxteren, Mark Van Proyen and Rachel Wilberforce.

ENTRANCE 103 N. 13th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
DATES May 11 – June 3, 2012
GALLERY HOURS Saturday & Sunday noon–6pm and by appointment

Present Company evolves from the collaborative exploits of Brian Balderston, José Ruiz and Chad Stayrook. Over the past several years, the principals have exhibited their own work and developed curatorial projects for national and international audiences in numerous art spaces, galleries, museums and biennials. Their 2,100 sq. ft. space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a decentralized, evolving platform that entertains all relevant areas of artistic production and promotion.